Based on the literature, we requested no significant gender differences in victimization otherwise perpetration away from emotional ADV (10)

Based on the literature, we requested no significant gender differences in victimization otherwise perpetration away from emotional ADV (10)

The goal of the current analysis would be to offer investigation on the brand new incidence and you can characteristics out of ADV for the a great Danish early teenage test. Predicated on prior conclusions out of ADV into the Europe (twenty six, 40), i expected you to psychological, actual, and you may sexual different ADV would be common one of Danish teens, one emotional ADV would be more prevalent than simply bodily ADV and you will one real DV would be more prevalent than simply intimate ADV. According to a very scarce and you may blended databases of ADV inside early puberty (15, 23, 24), i failed to function further hypotheses out-of frequency in the current study. We wished to have a look at gender variations in reference to one another victimization and you may perpetration of all of the three types of ADV, as well as in regards to this new co-density out-of ADV jobs and you may ADV variations. Alternatively, i asked increased frequency out of intimate ADV victimization among lady and you will a higher frequency from intimate ADV perpetration among the many boys (12). From the incongruent nature of your own studies on the real ADV, i didn’t setting one hypotheses away from this kind of ADV (41). Considering current lookup results (twenty five, twenty seven, 38), we expected to see a great co-occurrence of ADV positions and you will ADV models. Furthermore, i likely to get some gender version on these overlaps.


The analysis are authorized by the Danish Research Defense Agencies (j. zero. 2013-41-2505). The data range are held of . The present research falls under a bigger data exploring ADV during the early adolescence.


So you can enroll participants, most of the Danish personal and personal number one colleges having seventh-degree people (1116 personal schools and 380 personal colleges) was contacted through send, detailing the objective and procedure of the analysis. The brand new colleges were given a single-day observe to reply. Whenever we don’t discover a response, for every school was called as much as 4 times, of the both age-mail and you may mobile phone. All in all, 86 schools (5.7%) chose to take part in today’s study. Primary reason provided having low-involvement was the deficiency of tips owing to the new utilization of a thorough college or university change during the current big date. Complete, it had been all of our standard impact your colleges with more tips (go out smart and you will administratively) was basically prone to engage which means there can be a beneficial interest with the even more better-performing colleges and you will college students in the modern investigation. However, we have no analysis to ensure which effect.

Of one’s pupils who have been as part of the establish studies (Letter = 2910), 78% (n = 2272) went along to personal colleges and twenty-two% (n = 638) went along to individual schools. It is suitable for the real federal shipping of college students during the social and private schools, that’s 82% and you will 18%, correspondingly (43). The regional delivery of data try differs quite from the genuine national delivery away from 7th-degrees pupils. Table ? Table1 1 portrays the differences involving the research sample and also the real national shipments.

Desk step one.

Regarding participating colleges, an e-mail is actually provided for most of the mothers, informing her or him towards studies point, content, and process of data collection. College officials approved create pupils to participate, in addition to, arrangement is achieved to make use of opt-away adult agree having teenagers. Thus, mothers were required to publish right back participation versions within this 14 days as long as they don’t want their child to participate.

The key professor during the for every single group conducted the latest questionnaire. Till the analysis, brand new professor gotten created information on exactly how to carry out the latest questionnaire. To your survey date, the goal of the research is actually told the young, and so they had been requested to sit by themselves to make sure that anyone else could not pick the solutions. At exactly the same time, the students was advised they had the right never to engage whenever they didn’t want to. After the college students had filled out new questionnaires, the fresh new teacher placed her or him inside the a package and you can shut it inside the top of the class. Additionally, the fresh teacher passed out information regarding helplines and other relevant relationships on pupils, however, if it considered awkward otherwise requisite anyone to keep in touch with just after filling in the new questionnaire.